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Arizona Authorized Biodesign Dealer & Installer

Majestic lagoons grow from a lifelong passion to build a natural sand pool that can withstand the environment and years, yet ensure a Bio friendly installation. For decades we have attempted several techniques until we found Biodesign sculpted sand pool materials. It is our goal to bring the beach to every family, design the lagoon in which they see a stay-cation environment, and place a smile on the faces we deliver to.

create your ideal pool

In perfect harmony, a part of the landscape

An eco-friendly pool

Majestic Lagoons make more efficient use of resources (water, energy, raw materials) thus having a reduced impact on the environment for the entire life of the pool from production to installation to everyday use to dismantling and recycling.

The world’s most unique pool comes to America

As the art of landscape design moves ever forward, so too has the in-ground pool. Today, homeowners can enjoy a much more natural environment that blends in with the landscape. Here, the natural harmony we create goes beyond aesthetics.


New Microban® coating systems with antibacterial resins: Swim in safety and tranquility

Microban’s International partner in the creation of new structual coating systems made up with antibacterial resins.

The Microban® SilverShield® protection is added to the Biodesign technology already in the production phase. After the direct application to the pool, the special formulation offers to the surfaces a continuous protection against the bacterial proliferation and against the consequent material deterioration.

The result is a pool that remains cleaner and fresher for a longer period and that lasts in time.

Our customers are enthusiastic

Majestic Lagoons can harmonize with your chosen landscape, creating an environment that is entirely natural yet expertly designed and functional.

“What can I say about this amazing pool builder? After being left stranded by another company, I reached out to Bio Design in desperation. Craig and his team not only stepped in immediately but also listened to my needs and ideas, redesigning my backyard to perfection. They were professional, honest, and hard-working throughout the process, delivering top-notch quality without overcharging. Despite the challenges left by the previous builder, Craig and his team embraced the project and guided me through every step. Now, not only do I have a stunning pool and backyard, but I also have a trusted pool maintenance team and friends in Craig and his crew. I highly recommend Bio Design for anyone considering a sand pool.”

– Kimberly D.


From our Trusted majestic lagoons specialist.