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About Biodesign Pools

Many years of research and hundreds of public and private pools built worldwide have given us the opportunity to develop a technology with a low environmental impact, extraordinary waterproofing characteristics, and high structural performance thanks to the patented Biodesign coating.

Tests show that our waterproofing liners are superior to those used in traditional pools thanks to a 300% greater elasticity. Furthermore, they have a higher resistance against UV rays, ice, chemicals, and thus a longer life.


Approximate duration for the installation of a 400-500 square foot pool with a team of 4 professionals.

*Installation time varies between 1-2 weeks 

6-12 Months
Traditional pool
10 working days
Biodesign pool


The Biodesign Pool

There are many characteristics that make a Biodesign Pool innovative. Biodesign pool are environmentally friendly because our pools use no concrete (concrete production/use is one of the worlds largest pollutants) . This means that the environment is the first beneficiary. The innovate technology creates a luxurious, safe and responsible swimming pool.

Sitting and Relaxing

The Biodesign pool is ideal for relaxing and sunbathing while immersed in the water. By creating a gradual slope of a foot deep, the entrance is beach-like.

Swimming and Diving

Thanks to the free form shape and sloping walls of the Biodesign pool, you will have more space to swim and dive. The design and how the space is used is all up to you!


Your design is limited only by your imagination.

Total Customization

Swimming areas, beaches, seats, and submerged walkways sculpted in natural stone offer a better swimming experience.

The Best Swimming Experience

Nature should be respected as much as it is admired. Our respect for nature goes into every part of our pools.

Ecofriendly building technology

Designed to remove the weaknesses of traditional pool design by redistributing the weight and improving materials.

Structural Stability

Our design and process ensure quality and greater opportunity for our installer partners.

International patent protection

The ease of management of the construction site and the reduced installation time is a great improvement over traditional pools.

Reduced installation time


Mylago Gold



Botticino (Pebble)

Botticino (Small Pebble)

Mylago Classic



Ticino (Pebble)

Verde Alpi (Pebble)