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Arizona Authorized Biodesign Dealer & Installer

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Majestic Lagoons is a family-owned company, representing veterans, minorities and family values. Formed from a long dream, to build a sculpted sand pool by hand, contour every characteristic to your unique want. Our pools are proven to last decades, with installations starting in Europe over 15 years ago, these pools are so unique yet so unknown. Ther Bio design product can require simpler maintenance, and ensure a earth friendly installation.  Our team of maintenance specialists will ensure your pool is always ready to walk into and leave the world behind. Our pools do not leach all the chemicals as a Cement pool does.  We truly build to the highest standards a bio-friendly pool, providing years of joy and happiness.  We install the best possible filter combinations reducing harsh chemicals while ensuring you can even drink the pools water. 

Meet the creative designer

Hello, I am Craig, the President of Majestic Lagoons LLC. We are family owned and take great pride in our developing teams who bring the creative, Biodesign sand sculpted pool to you. I grew up on the beaches In Southern California, so the beach is in my heart and soul. Over the past decades, my desire and attempts to build a sand pool could have gone better. I never gave up, always wanting to recreate the beaches I grew up on. Even my elementary school had a playground on the beach in Newport Beach, so I truly have lived and grown on the sand.

Now we are here, and finally, I have found sand pool technology. Sure, plenty of attempts, yet I never could get that feel of a beach, the look of how water splashes up on the sand, and in a miracle, the water disappears into the sand. With a Biodesign pool, I can create the closest copy to a beach and allow creativity to run wild. And to ensure this was the right choice, I have traveled to see Biodesign pools and helped build them as training.
As the Arizona-authorized dealer and installer for Biodesign, we can build you a pool beyond your imagination. We built a large example of a lagoon pool at our home, with every finish texture offered and many creative options. We will invite you to see the original Majestic Lagoon and then imagine one at your home, indeed something only some homeowners have.

I hope to see our Lagoon as your “stay-cation” paradise. You will truly have something no one else has; every pool is hand built, and every installation unique with its own style, accents, and design. I and the team are here to bring your staycation into reality via the Biodesign technology.

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Biodesign Pools vs. Traditional Concrete Pools:

“ EXPERTISE & QUALITY We have renovated our old pool: with attention to detail, quality materials, and perfect finishes. And now our garden is beautiful even in the winter ”

Robertto Turin

“THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS! I've known Majestic Lagoons for years now, they built my pool, and I've never had any problems! Recommend for all relatives and friends ”

Gianfranco Venice