The Biodesign pool is a hand sand sculptured pool. The look and feel are Eco friendly, and in harmony with nature. Our pools are, as our company title suggests, Lagoons.  It is a unique concept and one that creates a “stay-cation” tropical feel.

Costs are based on size and features.  In general, a Biodesign pool is about 2/3 the cost of a normal pool.  In general, it is a simpler pool, avoiding the high costs of tile, pavers, and interior coatings. We want to build you a natural oasis and avoid all the hard material look.

The pool is designed to have sloped walls not vertical. With sloped walls access to an exit is simpler.

We use a combination of Ultraviolet, and Ozone treatment of sterilization and purification. In addition, we use the highest grade of filtration combinations to ensure less maintenance.  Also, the pool is coated with an antibacterial material, which helps ensure biological things like algae are discouraged to form.

To maintain the pool warrantee and highest surface conditions we offer trained Biodesign service technicians. Because of our filtration system combinations, the issues with chemicals are all but eliminated. In addition as with normal pools it is recommended the technician will draining the pool every 2-3 years and recoat the antibacterial finish.

The Biodesign concept is very different than a normal pool.  Biodesign eliminates coordination time with the many subcontractor a normal pool uses. The Biodesign pool is built by one team from start to finish, therefore the long wait times are eliminated.

The pool is defined by your want for nature, we can make rock features in and out of water, Hydrotherapy, lighting accents, Islands, Peninsulas, true beach entries, it is a lagoon, your imagination is the limit.

The short answer is yes, a normal pool is rigid and unforgiving when the earth shifts.  Biodesign uses a liner 300 times more flexible than concrete, and therefore does not have the same structural issues.

Biodesign makes use of the earth behind the liner, the strength of the epoxy and the force of water. This combination simplifies the methods from normal pools.

Majestic Lagoons are designed for natural freeform creativity.  Rember this is a sand lagoon, and thus we help to create a natural looking environment avoiding the look of concrete and square corners.

The Biodesign pool uses the concept of a lagoon, and so the walls are seldom vertical. Understanding the pool walls are not vertical means the size of the pool defines the depth. Just know an average Biodesign pool with its slopping walls is between 5-7 feet. We can build diving pools, yet they do require some changes based on the space available.

The sand (crushed granite) is mixed with a strong Epoxy.  Once the mixture of sand and epoxy are installed with a mesh material a solid surface is created, much like walking on a stiff sandy beach.

Yes, the product was developed in Italy, and the use of Hydrotherapy creates the spa.  The spa can be created in any freeform design, and an integral part of the pool or a separate feature.

Hydrotherapy, formerly called hydropathy and also called water cure, is a branch of
alternative medicine, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy, that involves the use of water for pain
relief and treatment.